Tokichi Mikuni

Tokichi Mikuni as a member of TRF Victorys

Tokichi Mikuni (三国藤吉) is one of the main characters of Bakusou Kyoudai! Let's and Go!! and its sequel, Bakusou Kyoudai! Let's and Go!! WGP. Tokichi is a high class, wealthy son of a large industry company called the Mikuni Group. His signiture Mini 4wd machines are Spin Axe, Spin Cobra, and Spin Viper.


Tokichi is the shortest chgaracters among the cast. He is famously known for his monkey-like face, as his face becomes a promanent icon for his father's industry.


Tokichi is introduced as a smirkish and tricky spoiled brat who challenges Seiba Brothers into a duel. During his introduction, he is shown as a cheater who expliot his wealth and others' weaknesses to his favors. This attitude is called off by numbers of characters including the main duo, Jun, his butler and even his own father. After loses to his personal rival, Retsu and his Sonic Saber, Tokichi expresses that he tends to become smirkish when he is angry.

Over the course of the show, Tokichi mellows down his bad personality and is generally treated as a comic relief. At times he is rather playful and tricky like a monkey.


All of Tokichi Machines are specialized in attacking technical corners. His signature moves Thunder Dribble and Lightning Dribble allows the machines to tackle zig-zag corners, chicanes, and hairpins with ease.