Saber 600 (セイバー600) or Seiroku (セイロク) for short, is a series of product line of Mini 4WD that exists in the anime and manga. A vanilla Saber 600 is a green, unpainted machine that is intended to be customized and decorated in any way its owner wants. In the anime, It is debutted in episode 9 during Spring GJC event, originally meant to be called "Saber Six Double O", but the name is toss aside by the commentator.

Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!!Edit

After the success of Magnum Saber and Sonic Saber, Dr. Tsuchiya introduces the Fully Cowled Mini4wd series to the market with Saber 600 being the basic unit used by most racers until Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! WGP and MAX (where Proto Sabers and other machines of Dr. Tsuchiya lines appear). Saber 600 is very popular among customers, and it replaces older models such as Astute, Avante and Manta Ray.

Customized Saber 600s are used by many named characters in the series, as following:

Real LifeEdit

In real life, Saber 600 does not exists as a named product. The equivalances of Saber 600 in real life are the unpainted kits of Magnum Saber, Sonic Saber, Black Saber, Magnum Saber Premium, and Sonic Saber Premium, with the first three having different base colors for plastic. (White, cream, and black respectively). Each kit also features different rear wings.