Retsuya Ichimonji
Retsuya 103115

Japanese Name:

一文字 烈矢

Romaji Name:

Ichimonji Retsuya

Seiyuu/Voice Actor:

Noriko Hidaka

Birth Date:









Gouki Ichimonji (older brother)

Retsuya Ichimonji (一文字烈矢, Ichimonji Retsuya) is one of the titular characters in both the first and second series. He is the son of Ichimonji Masamune, and the younger brother of Gouki Ichimonji by one year. His signature appearance is his goggle headgear and indigo bandana. His signature color is a mixture of red and green.


Retsuya has green hair, green eyes and sports a pair of googles that seem to be part of his headgear. In the series, Retsuya wears a sleeveless orange t-shirt, a brown belt, black pants, various accessory pouches and brown boots, along with a strange green amulet.


Retsuya is a 10 year old student of the Borzoi Racing Academy, and Gouki's younger brother. A stoic young boy who is passionate about racing, Retsuya is always up for a competition and believes that power is everything for Mini 4WDs. His cars emphasize power over all else and this is why he is unrivaled when it comes to battling and destroying others' cars. He is calm and collected though can be riled to anger and this is reflected in his racing style - he is the more controlled of the two and will use strategy. Retsuya is very confident and self-assured like Gouki, sometimes to the point of cockiness and regards himself as the No. 1 racer in the world. He believes the proper way to race is to strive for victory at any cost, including using battle techniques to harm or destroy opponents - unlike Gouki. Retsuya displays a knack for Mini 4WD racing. He tends towards a more individualistic style of racing, focusing on being the only one to cross the finish line. He eventually learns to work with others as a team for the greater good, especially when faced with two or more opponents at a time.


Shadow BreakerEdit

Shadow Breaker is Retsuya first machine in this series, given by his father along with Max Breaker. Both of those machine are using Super X Chassis. In the first time. Shadow Breaker is equipped with electric spark to damage other machine's main circuit to make it out of function and unable to move.

Knuckle BreakerEdit

Knuckle Breaker is Retsuya 2nd machine after shadow breaker is destroyed. Theres no weapon equipped. im so proud of you retsuya.



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