For faster speed, better motors (モーター) must be bought and upgraded. This can be done by combining internal parts (i.e. magnets) of different motors or adding homemade magnets or rotors.

There are three specifications that characterize all motors:  RPM, torque, and power-consumption.[1] RPM is the speed the motor provides, and the torque its strength. Higher the RPM means higher maximum speed and acceleration rate; Higher torque allows the car to better withstand the difficulties of climbing slope or running through turns.

The mini car should have at least two sets of gears in the assembly package for the motor to spin on. Different types of gears have different ratios of rotation of the motor and the wheel, and they include "3.5:1", "4:1", "4.2:1", "5:1", and "6.4:1". Higher the ratio, better the acceleration rate and torque; lower the ratio, better the maximum speed.[2]

Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!!Edit

Initially named motors in the series are taken from their real life counterpart, including Torque Tuned Motor for corning specalized machines such as Sonic Saber and Spin Axe, Rev Tuned Motor for speed orient machines like Magnum Saber and Tridagger X. Though not outright stated, Proto Saber Evolution is shown to use a Hyper Dash Motor.

All machines from Ohgami Corp. use unnamed original motors.

Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! WGPEdit

Grand Prix Machines, including those of the main characters, generally use a highly powered Atomic Motor as the regular augments. TRF Victorys initially use the Atomic v1 motor along with GP Chip to level the competitiveness against NA Astro Rangers. Dr. Tsuchiya later invents Atomic Motor v2 and v3 during the later parts of the series.

A specific Motor called "Sunshire Motor" is used by an Austrian team AR Boomerangs.

Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! - Eternal WingsEdit

In the scenario mode of Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! - Eternal Wings, different motors can be bought at the shop to upgrade the machine. After an upgrades are bought, they can be used in all other modes provide the save data is loaded upon the game start.

Shop Motors Price ListEdit

Icon Image Name Price
Motors icon V-1 Free
Motors V-2 icon V-2 5000
Motors V-Max icon V-Max 20000
Motors W-1 icon W-1 8000
Motors V-16000 icon V-Output 16000

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