Marina Ogami
Marina Ogami

Japanese Name:

沖田 カイ

Romaji Name:

Okita Kai

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Retsu & Go (Rivals, friend)

Marina Ogami is an anime-original supporting character from the second season, Bakusou Kyoudai Let´s & Go! MAX. She is the daughter of Dr. Ogami from the original series and races with her Fire Stinger.

Appearance Edit

Marina is a girl with amethyst-coloured eyes and reddish-brown hair hair that's usually tied up in two ponytails with green hairbands. She wears a pink sleeveless tank top that reveals her belly and short green shorts. Occasionally she is also seen sporting a yellow jacket on top of her usual outfit.

Personality Edit

Marina is a mysterious girl who owns a vicious racing machine - Fire Stinger - which was based on one of her father's machines, the Ray Stinger that was used by Rei Hijikata of the Ogami Corps. She takes her role of defeating the Borzoi Academy extremely seriously and doesn't usually display any outward signs of affection or humorous expressions. She misses her father, Dr. Ogami, greatly and this is the driving force behind her mission to get him back from the clutches of the Borzoi Academy which she despises with a passion. She actively takes on any racer who is known to be associated with the Borzoi Academy. Competitive by nature, she is always up for a challenge and faces off against the Ichimonji brothers numerous times throughout the series. She is obsessed with liberating her father and he has an almost idol-like status in her eyes, having been the only parent figure in her life. This causes an internal struggle for her at times with regard to her view on battle racing, as she strives to stand up for what she believes is the right way to race.

Relationship Edit

Marina is the daughter of Dr. Ogami from the original series of Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! She is a rival and friend of Gouki and Retsuya Ichimonji. Although she has battled them many times, she has been known to aid them against a common enemy such as the

Gouki constantly addresses her by "Mariko" mistakenly instead of her actual name (unintentionally or otherwise), something which annoys her to no end and is a running gag throughout the show.

Marina used her Phoenix Stinger to destroy Gouki's Max Breaker by her father's orders.

Cars Edit

  • Fire Stinger
  • Phoenix Stinger