Kai Okita
Kai Okita
Kai Okita

Japanese Name:

沖田 カイ

Romaji Name:

Okita Kai

Seiyuu/Voice Actor:

Yuka Imai

Birth Date:








Retsu & Go (Rivals, friend)

Kai Okita is one of the antagonists from the first season of Let´s & Go!!. Unlike others, he was forced to be mean by Dr. Ogami. He has a mysterious aura around him but later in the series he turns out to be an ally of the Seiba brothers. His racing car is Beak Spider Zebra.

Appearance Edit

Kai Okita is a short young boy with yellow hair and evil brown eyes. His signature trademark is his white right-handed gloves with red claws. He is always wearing white shirt and paints and red shoes.

Kai has blonde hair and red eyes. One unique portrait of this character is that he possesses a metal claw on his right hand.

Personality Edit

Kai Okita from his appearance was selfish and aggressive. he is Stubborn person wanted to have his own opinion and road. at the ending of season 1 he played with honor enjoying the race although he didn't show this feeling up.

he was called as jack the ripper from the first moment appearance because of his evil fast machine "spider".his car caused the wreckage of others' children cars.

Relationship Edit

The first of the Ogami's battle racers to appear. His car, the Beak Spider, caused a mass scare where Mini 4WDs around city parks were secretly damaged, much to ire of the owners. Following the Summer Great Japan Cup, he is shown to develop rivalry with Ryo. In the WGP anime, he runs the Savanna Zebra team, where the team members (led by Juliana) uses a modified version of his car, called Beak Spider Zebra.

He was focusing on fighting Ryo Takaba and his machine "Tridagger X" until the end of Japanese racing cub.

Cars Edit

  • Beak Spider Zebra