Jirōmaru Takaba
Jiromaru Takaba
Jirōmaru Takaba

Japanese Name:

鷹羽 二郎丸

Romaji Name:

Takaba Jirōmaru

Seiyuu/Voice Actor:

Ootani, Ikue

Birth Date:

March 25









Ryo Takaba (older brother)

Jirōmaru Takaba (鷹羽 二郎丸 , Takaba Jirōmaru) is Ryo Takaba's younger brother. [1]


Jiromaru has long dark hair and brown eyes, and wears a pink shirt and brown gloves. brown long-pants, and white-pink shoes. Taking after his brother, he also sports an orange headband on his forehead.


Jiromaru is an ardent fan of his brother, and follows him around everywhere. He is very protective of his brother and will defend him whenever he thinks Ryo is being insulted or made fun of, though this is a sign of just how much the Takaba brothers rely on each other for support. He tends to use the expression "desu" alot in his speech, though he always mispronounces "desu" (です, meaning "is" or several other forms of "to be") as "dasu" (だす).

He also addresses Ryo with "anchan" (あんちゃん) which is a cross between "aniki" (兄貴) and "oniichan" (お兄ちゃん), both of which are ways of referring to one's older brother in Japanese. [1]

He calls his racing car "Jiromaru Special" which is a little similar to Ryo´s Tridagger X. He was born on the 25th of March and he enjoys cooking. [2]

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Jiromaru is Ryo Takaba's younger brother. His cars, the customized Saber 600, are constantly damaged in races. In episode 10 of the WGP season, Jiromaru substitutes for Ryo because his leg is injured, though he comedically gets stage fright right before the race as it's the biggest competition he has ever been part of. Jiromaru often gets into fights with Go Seiba as they do not get along with each as well as with others - though usually this has something to do with Ryo (they mock each other a lot).


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