Gouki Ichimonji
Gouki 181413

Japanese Name:

一文字 豪樹

Romaji Name:

Ichimonji Gōki

Seiyuu/Voice Actor:

Kumiko Watanabe

Birth Date:









Retsuya Ichimonji (younger brother)

Gouki Ichimonji (一文字豪樹, Ichimonji Gōki) is one of the titular characters in both the first and second series. He is the son of Ichimonji Masamune, and the older brother of Retsuya Ichimonji by one year. His signature appearance is his goggles and red bandana. His signature color is a mixture of white and blue.


Go has black hair, blue eyes and sports a pair of googles on top of his red bandana. In the series, Go always wears a white t-shirt with sleeves ripped at the shoulders, blue overalls, various accessory pouches and red-white boots, along with a strange green amulet.


Gouki is a fourth-grade student who is 10 years old, and Retsuya's older brother. A hot-headed young boy who is passionate about racing, Gouki is always up for a competition and, much like Go before him, believes that speed is everything for Mini 4WDs. His cars always emphasize speed over all else and this is why he is unrivaled when it comes to accelerating and racing in straight lines. He is short-tempered, rash, careless, impatient and brash and this is reflected in his racing style - he is the more impulsive of the two and tends to go into races without much of a strategy. Gouki is very confident and self-assured, sometimes to the point of cockiness and regards himself as the No. 1 racer in the world. He believes in the true spirit of racing and that the proper way to race is to compete fairly without using weapons or tricks to gain an advantage or victory - unlike Retsuya. When his car gets broken or crushed, he tends to be upset and doesn't want a new car. Gouki displays a knack for Mini 4WD racing. Gouki tends towards a more individualistic style of racing, as seen during the WGP when he often leaves his teammates behind or disobeys orders, focusing on being the first to cross the finish line. He eventually learns to work with others as a team for the greater good, especially when faced with two or more opponents at a time.


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