The mini car should have at least two sets of gears in the assembly package for the motor to spin on. Different types of gears have different ratios of rotation of the motor and the wheel, and they include "3.5:1", "4:1", "4.2:1", "5:1", and "6.4:1". Higher the ratio, better the acceleration rate and torque; lower the ratio, better the maximum speed.

Shop Gears ListEdit

Icon Image Part Name Price Description
In Game Translated
Gears icon ノーマル Normal ---
Gear 5-1 icon 5:1比 5:1 Ratio 3000
Gear 4-1 icon 4:1比 4:1 Ratio 8000
Gear 3-1 icon 3:1比 2:1 Ratio 10000

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