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Ebara, Masashi [1]

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Dr. Tsuchiya (土屋博士, Tsuchiya-hakase) is the head-master of the Tsuchiya Racing Factory and the person who gives Retsu and Go their cars. He is in a constant "fights" with Dr. Ogami, another Mini 4WD car producer. In his childhood, he had dreams of being a jet-plane pilot and an engineer. He produced the Super Avante, a prototype for all the Saber series. [2]

Appearance Edit

Dr. Tsuchiya has short black hair and black eyes, as well as a short black mustache and beard too. He always wears square frame glasses. He wears a green shirt with his dark-blue ties. At his laboratory or at factories, he always wears his lab coat.

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The head of the Tsuchiya Racing Factory, his first name is never mentioned; he is simply referred to as Dr. Tsuchiya. He is named after Hirotsugu Tsuchiya, a Tamiya employee. His ongoing conflict in ideals continue against Dr. Ogami as the story progresses.

He also has a past of being a jet pilot and jet plane engineer, as shown in the less frequently seen parts of his labs. It is also where he found the inspiration to create the Super Avante, the prototype used for all the Saber series of Mini 4WD racers. [3].

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He is the head-master of the Racing Tsuchiya Factory and the person who gave Retsu and Go their cars. He is in constant "fights" with Dr. Ogami, another mini 4WD car producer who has a polar opposite ideology to him.[2]

Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! Edit

Dr. Tsuchiya is a leading scientist of the traditional Mini 4wd racing society. In the first episode, he confronts Go and Retsu Seiba and give them the prototype Fully Cowled Mini 4WD racing machine, "Magnum Saber" and "Sonic Saber" to them respectively, claiming that they need to win the upcoming Winter Great Japan Cup event to rightfully own the cars. Even though the brothers are retired in the race, Tsuchiya is satisfied with their attitude toward racing, deeming the prototype a success and mass-producing it to put it on the market in the form of the Saber 600.

Throughout the first arc it's revealed he has given other prototypes to other different children as well, which includes "Black Saber" for Takeshi Kurosawa, "Tridagger X" for Ryo Takaba, and "Spin Axe" for Tokichi Mikuni.

Note that the mass produced versions of Tridagger X, Spin Axe, and the V Machines can be seen in Bakusou Kyoudai! Let's and Go!! Max.

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